My Media Identity: CIU 110

I absorb creative media whenever possible and in any format that can use it’s limitations to best effect. It drives me and challenges me to create my own stories and present them in whatever ways I have at my disposal. So far, this has primarily been through short films, animation and illustration but that should branch more into audio podcasting and video game creation soon. The three primary areas I intend to focus on, when I am capable, will be the videogames, podcasts and animations so let’s focus on those three for now.

I’m a child of the 90’s which means I grew up with the best cartoons but didn’t get into the culture of them until around 2004. Family Guy, Futurama and Invader Zim were shown to me by some friends and I was hooked. Granted we all binge watched these series and almost any others we could get our hard drives on, I had some drawing skills budding by then and I started practicing. Nowadays I watch and practice, learn and practice, create and practice because it would just be SO cool to be able to make things like them. Animation like this is my way of being able to deliver my most incredible stories while still only being one person and so it is my artistic foundation. YouTube makes distribution so accessible but nowadays is also unsustainable which forces animation to the lower end of my priorities in lieu of less involved methods of content creation. So…

Audio podcasts have become almost an expected form of media among most technologically inclined people in this age of information. They are also quick and relatively easy to produce so long as someone on crew has a good understanding of the equipment. I listen to podcasts about once a week and other people can devote themselves to them for great periods of time, usually while performing another task. Live podcasts are a relatively new online development as internet speed and data costs have only recently been at levels that allow for online streaming though services like Twitch and Hang w/ which have gained audiences of specific interest at regular scheduled times. I have had experience with these before but none of my own. I feel there are many interesting ways that people have only sparsely experimented with like communal story telling, role play, party games and quizzes. I’d like to begin something of this nature soon and build some sort of audio library that presents either new creative uses of audio entertainment or even revives some of the cooler styles from the days when radio was the current technology.

Then we come to the most involved but also highest potential for profit, video games. I play them when I find myself with some free time and I decide I deserve a break from creating. I have loved them since my first interaction with them. I shy away from the multiplayer side of things and instead approach them as interactive stories, which is the most rewarding way I experience the type of media it is. I know I have the capacity to create at least some of the ideas I have and turn them into the types of interactive experiences that I would enjoy. The law of averages figures that if I would like it, so would quite a few other people. I particularly enjoy most Blizzard games and have a love for those extreme

Luckily, I was born into an age where media can be easily broadcast and viewed by a vast audience. Ultimately, I just want to create and present in a content that allow me to express my stories and inspire the next generation of content creators like me.


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