Drowning in social media: part 1

Over the last few years, I have found it necessary to create accounts for a wide bunch of different social media platforms for pretty much any project I undertake so that I can have the hope of succeeding. However, having to deal with something like 15 different accounts over as many platforms, none of which I actually care about, I find that I often forget my chosen username, password or even the site I have subscribed to.


This series of blogs is simply going to be my ranting about difficulties and breakthroughs when dealing with all of this social media stuff the kids are all hooked on these day. What with their instant orange drink and cellular screen devices.

But seriously, it’s hard to move through all the updating and sharing and tagging and liking, but it’s all the way the world works in 2017. At this moment, I have an account for

twitter, facebook, wordpress, gmail, hotmail, itch.io, youtube, steam, curse, skype, unity, twitch, battle.net, artstation, conceptart, deviantart, pintrest, google+, xbox live, LinkedIn and probably more.

You may think I have listed these out to try and make a point when, in truth, I am simply compiling a list online so I don’t forget to sign in to these every now and then to make sure I haven’t been hacked.

So now that my career aspirations are hinging on whether or not I get seen, I need to try and maintain some semblance of activity on all of these. As I go, I’m going to share, here, how much I care and want it to continue. Maybe I’ll grow as a person, maybe I’ll become bitter and enraged, maybe I’ll choose another career path away from all of this, or maybe, it won’t  matter at all. Let’s find out together and spread the lessons learned.


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