A Boulder’s Beginnings

Greetings wanderers, prepare yourselves for the deep reservoir that is my process of working. I begin this blog series by telling you that I am no programmer. True I program, I have a cursory knowledge of why code works and can read it about as well as I can follow the plot of the Matrix movies without asking “what’s going on??”, in truth I could slip into a room of programmers undetected and, if I were so inclined, could spy on their programy ways. but I digress…

This blog is a boiled down version of what things I intend to do with my coding abilities as I acquire them, how I intend to do them, and later, why it didn’t work at all.


The story so far: This term has already had us in the programming class look at how to implement twin-stick controls and ragdoll physics through group based experimentation. In the previous term we noobs were taught the basics of programming, specifically in C# in conjunction with Unity.


So, the task at hand: We’ (My class) have been told to do a physics based game where there is a boulder rolling around, doin’ stuff… Awsome… Physics… I can do that… magnets, right?

My first idea was a testament to the ways of the modern nerd. I thought perhaps the player is a D20 die rolling down an infinite play mat where the number the player end on is the score multiplier. I decided against it on the grounds of being trite.


Though 2 involved a ball on pressed together zombies that try to roll over walking figures. Humans give points as they are eaten/infected and rolling over other zombies increases the balls side. After 20 minutes of discussing how the textures or attached outer zombie models could be designed and implemented not to look strange as the ball changes some, I realised I was out of my depth on all point and so looked to another idea.


Finally I ended with an idea to have a ball rolling on a ball (if you’re into that sort of thing). This idea came together pretty quickly which is usually a good sign for me. It doesn’t seem too complex in my mind and it should cover all of the criteria pretty well. Let’s do it.
My plan is simple. I am going to have a ball that rolls around a tiny planet, Mario Galaxy style. Artistically I’d like the player to be able to create platforms underneath themselves so that, ideally, the player would be able to give themselves a challenge to create images using platforms. Imagine the shells of a particularly heavy atom (Ha. Chemistry now too).


And here’s one someone else prepared earlier.


No height limit but perhaps a height meter that records highest score(?), of course, this is all subject to change or grow as I have only spent about an hour on the idea so far.


Will investigate further.
Yours truly,

Code Spy.


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