All I Want Is Everything.

I’ve realised that at this stage I am about as proficient with C# as I should have been in week 3 of trimester 1. You can probably imagine this is a disheartening revelation and has certainly put my attitude towards coding into a pit. I like code. I respect it. I think I have a grasp on the nature of how it plays with others and have decided it’s very impressive and it’s totally not something I ever intend to make a full time career.

Throughout this trimester when I have reached a point of stress to do with my misunderstanding of how to program, I have been asked by several people “So why are you doing a game design course?” Well, Mike, let me say it on here to have it answered fully… ahem…

Because I want to learn how to design video games. Just because I’m not good at it, and know that I will never be a savant at it, I want to be understand what the capabilities are and I want more than anything to learn the processes and capabilities of people and departments when creating the sorts of interactive experiences that games are.

The issues with the turn based game as it is are:

I think I’ve managed to script out a pretty sick “initiative” roll system (borrowed out of D&D 5E) but I can’t yet test it because I haven’t fixed the red errors that would allow the scene to run. My notebook has become a feature specs doc which is handy but I am still getting stuck on how the heck the parts I’ve done will integrate with each other. I mean, they SHOULD be able to stick together, I just have no idea where in the scenes they are supposed to go.

The other glaring issue is that i know that the basic idea for an attack round is “Ally-X does ABILITY1 to Enemy-Y” which i feel should be an interchangeable list. I know that X should be defined immediately depending on the turn order, the button that gets selected is queued and then applied to the enemy chosen. All of this is supposed to be loaded into another list with a space for each character in the round to be queued with their full turn. I don’t know how to do that but it really doesn’t seem like it should be hard. It’s so logical, and you KNOW how code love being logical. I can’t figure out how to do this and I feel like I’m being crunched down on by other assessments too. Other assessments that are, unfortunately, more fun for me to focus on.

TLDR: I can design a good game but that means nothing unless I can get it done and C# dislikes me.


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