Gather No Moss.

Oh dear, I was lazy this week and last. I have been put into a team in another module to work on a game as a team and we came up with a really cool idea.

“Lazy” probably isn’t the right word as I was crazy-busy trying to do a bunch of concept art for our collective pitch, but the point is I have done sweet FA on my programming assessment which is really bad when the module you’re going to struggle in is the same one that contains the programming assessments. On the  other side of this, I am starting to come around to the importance of using a repo for my own work as much as group work. I’m not solid on how to use one yet and kind of feel like learning that right now when I’m under the crunch of assessment week is probably a bit time expensive for the moment.

It’s done. It’s a mess and it’s late, but it’s done. This would probably be an appropriate place to put a  post mortem but I’m a little burned out from having to overdrive myself to hopefully scrape in with a pass.

I ended up making a set of levels and remembered I only needed to have specific features in the levels that were to be used to show them off. They consisted of Round world, Square world, and Credits world. Round world was the platform making, ball on ball that had the central attractor. I had to review the idea of the platform creation as I didn’t manage to find out how to effectively implement that feature. Instead I decided to simply place a large number of platforms around the planet at the beginning and allow the player to destroy them as they please. This was only meant for the accessible version of the game, If it was to be made into something that I would feel comfortable publishing on itch or something (basically where I would market myself) I would take a look at it again and implement the intended features for the reasons I explained in previous posts. This was where I noticed the part where rapid prototyping become an extremely good idea. I quickly noticed that the camera was often being obscured by platforms between the ball and camera. This is the sort of visual interaction that would normally call for a fade-in renderer (in tripleA games). This level also had a destruction system where the ball could double jump and destroy the platform it makes contact with next, complete with a crappy sound effect and a burst of colour appropriate particle systems. Though I didn’t end up implementing the collectibles system in that level, I did have a counter/score for the number of platforms broken.

Square world was a super simple attempt (some might say “last-ditch effort”) in order for me to implement some of the features I had forgotten about or abandoned in the other level. I’m not sure where I went wrong but the version I handed in had some collision issues in that the ball didn’t collide with the things it was meant to. There was a box that was meant to kill the player and some collectibles that you could get a speed boost from. None of that contact trigger works,

The last was my credits scene which was printed all over a micro planet. It was a last minute decision to try and make the credits a little more interactive and whimsical, which I think it achieved rather well.

I feel like I learned a lot even through the painful crunch I feel at this stage of any assessment, not the least of which is the power of having friends and peers that can and will help and you in turn help back. Those little area that I got just stuck on, those parts where I only needed that one line or that missing capital letter, having people around me who could just point and make everything suddenly doable reminded me of why I am here, trying to learn in the first place.


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