The Thing about Falling.

So it turns out that Unity doesn’t have a magic “Gravity point” drag and drop reference point built into it. In order for me to fake this gravity I need to designate the planet as the “attractor” and the ball as the thing that responds to it by, in this case, moving towards it at a certain magnitude. Luckily, this sort of crazy idea has been tried by many other people before me who have seen fit to pass along their knowledge. Here’s the one that I started with:
the gravity seems to work. *thumbs up*

I have noticed that there are some issues now that the camera is trying to stay in the same place and makes movement really strange. Next week I’ll be checking with a classmate who’s project I noticed had a similar movement style.

It looks like I’m going to need to have a jump function put and then I need to figure a way for the camera to follow it and actually change its tilt at the same time. Now, I’m an animator. Gimme 3dsMax and few minutes and I could rig a camera to a spline and wrap it around the boulder like a boss. But this isn’t 3dsMax and Unity doesn’t like using cameras with splines. This is a bit of a log in the road for me.

I’ve also found that writing a page a week about this stuff and only this kinda sucks at my time. I prefer to draw pictures and am actually considering making next week’s blog a comic page instead. Here’s the thing, the fact that I can’t bang this out in under half an hour only really shows that I’m not trying to do enough in coding. and that’s true. In another subject I have relinquished all of the programming to my teammates leaving me to focus on all of the art assets which I am a. better at and b. already know how to do. The upside is that it means we’re more likely to have an end product that will look finished and maybe even really cool, we’ll be able to say it’s completely original, it will be more engaging for any future potential employers, and, it will better simulate the overall professional game development process (which is what the module is supposed to be doing). The downside is that I’m not doing any coding which means I’m not improving any more than the work I put in for this module which, let’s face it, isn’t enough.


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