To Boulder-ly Go…

Since we last spoke, I have listed out all of the aspects of this boulder-roller on a great big list, along with what it needs to cover and how I would basically go about it. There’s even a place holder name, “Add Infinitum.” It makes sense if you have my brain.

I am quite sure that even though I am laying the groundwork for a simple but full game, this will probably never come to the level of completion all games wish to be. The ideal version of this game would be primarily used as a creativity challenge for people, much like Minecraft if Minecraft could fathom a sphere.


I’ve noticed a great number of fantastic and well respected creation of people in video games that otherwise limits the player’s abilities to produce those effects, as I’m sure you have too, and I’ve always noticed that the nature of the limitation is what spurs the creative process in the first place. Unfortunately, intentions and ideas don’t carry much weight as far as grades or actual product goes, so let’s not dwell.

The point is that I wrote down all the stuff I have to do and am about to start ticking things off. Unfortunately I happen to also be getting other assessments that are more fun and I feel like I can do better in, in other classes which is probably going to start taking up my time because, let’s face it, I’m prone to distraction and more so to productive ones. That’s something I really need to get a handle on throughout this course (Eep).

As I’ve been starting to look over some of the necessary functions and lingo of physics based movement in 3d I also started having a look at some of the older tasks I was given in previous modules of this degree and so I went and started making a twine based choose your own adventure. Granted I got about 6 option in when I realised I didn’t want to do it THAT much, I have decided I will treat it like a game, for that is what it is, and scope down. It’s called “ The Hound of the Valcouthes,” and it is a simple story where you play Jonathan Valcouthe who has recently gone to visit the home left to him by his departed Aunt. The last of a family that has been progressively wiped out by an unknown force, it is up to you, Jonathan, to try and discover what is the cause this plague, why your family is the target of such a horrid plight, and what is locked in the basement?

I intend to put it up on my account the moment it is completed and I hope you will enjoy it. Eventually. Like any book or game it will still require the classic tropes of proof reading and polish and even if it doesn’t, I feel it’s be good practice that I should… well, practice.


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