Turn It Up!

And we’re off on the next one. We walk into class and BAM! new assessment to do. What is he talking about? “Messages”? “Events”? “state machines”? This is… This… This I can work with.

So the project is to be a turn based fighting game like pokemon or hearthstone. we’ve gone through the gist of how these are set up and executed and to be honest, this is how I thought most games were supposed to go. “Something” happens and the game says “Okay! I need THIS animation and THAT sound effect and THAT attack code…” etc. I feel like I can wrap my head around this. I feel like I was having a lot of trouble with the previous assessment due to the fluid, constant, and reliant variables that all had to be bubbling together in the code whereas the way that this kind of game can actually sit still until the trigger occurs makes much more sense to me. It looks to me that I can script out individual things like attacks and other actions separately and employ a “drag and drop” kind of allocation to which objects have which functions.
I’m going to go for a “darkest dungeon” kind of approach because I think I can cheat out a lot of the animation work (if I get to that point) by having all of the creature’s actions animated in a scene that’s layered on top of each other and just have some hit boxes that are out in front. If makes sense to me.I kind of want to do something with goblins, I’m working on another side project (though it’s on hold during the trimester) which involves a tonne of the little green fools, so I figure they’re easy and silly.

I know how I want to do it all and it should be straightforward. I am going to get onto it early and do a good chunk of work on it each week (this time) because I don’t want a repeat of the last mess. Either way, this stuff all seems to click with me, so I’m going to start by just putting all of the things into words in scripts. they will probably be the wrong scripts in the end but whatever.

I’m blathering…

Once the functions, objects, interactions etc etc have been filled out and I think I’ve covered it all it will just be a matter of putting in the function for each one and then I should be able to piece it all together in the Unity scene if I’m going about this the right way.


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