Milhazes Command Dev Diary #1: On the code again

So it’s been a short but eventful break. Now I’m back, tanned and ready to to make the virtual, reality. Perhaps not in so dramatic a fashion. Moving on…

The first idea presented to (read: forced on) me is to recreate an older arcade game with the artistic styling of a determined artist. First things first, come with me on a journey through time and space to the ancient times of 1980. Our target? The Atari 2600 video game Missile Command, which you can play online, right now, here.


Now, if you’re reading this, I imagine you have some interest in video game development so I’m not going to bore you with the minutia of a step by step “this is how a game works” just take int on board in tiny bites. Alright…

I direct you now to the busy, color-ific collages and patterns of Beatriz Milhazes [Below]

Summer Night_2006-thumb-800x383-51154.jpg
And even more Here.

Our first order of business was to figure out how to do the thing followed by getting everyone in the immediate vicinity to agree that it would work. This requires some finesse and style through the ancient art form of “The Pitch!”
Take a look at mine and we can keep talking.

And now I move on to phase 2… Documentation. Super fun, this is where I get to stop a great many problems before they even get to exist. Figuring out what needs to go where, when and do what.

The time frame of 3 weeks seems a little steep at first but it’s all about the learning, so prepare to follow along in these blogs and see me learn the s*** out of this thing.


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